Pearlcium - The Perfect Calcium

This ancient longevity and beauty secret has been used by Chinese Empresses Wu Ze Tian and Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and hundreds of other royalties of the ancient civilizations such as China, India, Egypt, Mayan, Native Americans for thousands of years.

And the best part: it is PROVEN by science to really work!

I share with you three things in this video:

1.  I am going to share with you the ancient longevity beauty secret.

2. I am going to share with you the five anti-aging principles.

3. I am going to show you how you can start today to reverse aging and live the life you have always wanted.


My name is Dr. Rulin Xiu. I create natural remedies to help you live longer, happier and most importantly healthier lives. For more than 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives – I’ve helped thousands of people, just like you.

Today I am going to tell you an ancient health, beauty and longevity secret that can help you regain your youthful  beauty, vitality, mental acuity, and health and take your life to the next level.

Dr. Rulin Xiu

Are you concerned and fed up of seeing these visible signs of aging...?

  • Sagging and wrinkled skin
  • Thinning hairline and loss of hair
  • Weak teeth
  • Loss of bone density
  • Aching joints
  • Difficulty going to sleep
  • Weakening of heart, liver and other organs
  • Loss of sexual energy and interest
  • Hardening veins and arteries
  • Memory loss
  • Dimming eye sight
  • Restlessness

Let me ask you this...

  • Are you willing to keep your heart, liver, kidney, bladders and stomach strong?
  • Do you desire to have radiant, youthful skin?
  • Do you long to keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy?
  • Would you like to look and feel young again?
  • Do you desire to have radiant, youthful skin?
  • Do you long to keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy?

If you’ve answered “YES” to any one of the above questions, please keep reading, you will get to know an ancient secret to fulfill your heart’s desire.

You can now KEEP your youthful beauty, have a long, healthy life – all thanks to the ancient longevity beauty secret. 

In 1996, I founded Pharm East, Inc. and began my life long work to bring natural remedies to people worldwide. I have invented many natural remedies. Some of them, which I licensed to big companies, are among the best selling products on the markets.

When I create my remedies, I combine the nature’s healing power, together with traditional wisdom, scientific research studies and modern technology. The goal of my remedies is to heal you at the root cause so that once you are well, you don’t have to take anything, not even my products.

The efficacy of natural remedies depends upon many factors, such as where the herbs or minerals come from, how they grow, how they are collected, and how they are processed. Every step and process is crucial for their healing effect.

To ensure the quality and efficacy of my remedies, I set up two factories, one in China, one in Hawaii so that I can design, control and assure every step of the process is done correctly.

Since I was a child, I have been drawn to pearl.

I knew even at that time, there is something magical inside the pearl that can uplift our lives to the higher level.

When I grew older, I found in the ancient Chinese books that pearls are consumed both internally and externally for longevity, beauty, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

 It has been used mostly by royalties because of its rareness and preciousness. Later, I found that pearl is not just used by Chinese but royalties of all major ancient civilizations for enhancing vitality.

Later I started to do scientific research on pearl.

 I was amazed that so much research studies have already been conducted on pearl. What science has uncovered about pearl is truly stunning. 

Research studies have been not only confirming the ancient wisdom about pearl’s anti-aging abilities, but also discovering even more healing properties of pearl.

Science also divulges how and why pearl can help us look and feel younger and live longer.

And more importantly, it exposes a deep connection we have with pearl at the cellular and DNA level. Later, I am going to share with you all of these “discoveries” I have learned in my research on pearl.

Pearl has always been highly coveted among Chinese nobility. In ancient China, Emperors designated tens of thousands of people in certain regional areas just for collecting pearls. Chinese imperial family ingested pearl powder and applied it externally to partake of the pearl’s numerous benefits.  When taken internally, they believed pearl powder could help:

  • Calm the mind
  • Enhance memory
  • Promote emotional balance
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Rejuvenate skin and heal skin
  • Improve mental acuity and focus
  • Cleanse liver
  • Improve eyesight
  • Nourish and strengthen bones
  • Prevent eye degeneration and disease
  • Nourish the kidney and heart
  • Stop children from crying

Studies Reveal Pearl Can Indeed Increase Animals longevity,
in fact by 20% to 57%

It is not an easy task to scientifically confirm the ancient knowledge about the life prolonging effect of pearl in human beings. It may take 50 to more than 100 years to conduct such a study. However, it is not so difficult to show this compelling evidence in terms of animal research.

In several research studies, Chinese scientists found that pearl powder can prolong the life span of mice, fruit flies and silk worms by 20% to 57%.  So if it is true also to humans, what does that translate to? This increase means the average life expectancy could jump from 80 years of age to somewhere between 96 or even 125 years.

The Way of Processing the Pearl has a Huge Effect on its Efficiency for Healing and Longevity

As I have mentioned, pearl is only accessible to few privileged people in the past. I determined to make this natural treasure available to more people worldwide.

I work with pearl farmers to assure that we have enough supply of pearls. I also study many ways to process pearls. I found that to maintain pearl’s healing power, the process should ensure that:

  • Heat is not used during the process as it will destroy the proteins, especially pearl signal proteins, inside the pearls
  • No chemicals should be used in the process
  • The crystalline molecular structure of pearls should be maintained (I will explain to you later, why maintaining pearl’s crystalline structure is crucial for harness pearl’s magic.)

True, water soluble pearl powder is known to be more absorbable, but I don’t conform to this process because it uses acids and other chemicals. 

This in turn destroys the proteins and other nutrients in the pearl. 

In addition, the pearl’s crystalline structure is also destroyed.

This is not the case with Pearlcium!

To create high quality pearl supplement I invented a proprietary technology using vibration and aerodynamics to process pearl. This technology maintains the integrity of pearl’s ingredients and crystalline structure while making pearl nutrients more available to your body.

Thus Pearlcium is born.

Here is my students results:

"I can never forget the first time I took Pearlcium. I felt a beautiful energy going through my body.  My life has changed ever since. I had tried various kinds of pearl powders before, and none of them had such an effect."

Now let’s find out how and why pearl is special and what it can do to change your life like it has changed the lives of thousands of people in the past couple of years.

Pearlcium User Experiences

I started taking Pearlcium on May 3, 2020 after hearing Dr. Rulin on One Radio Network talking with Patrick Timpone.  I am 58 years old and was looking for a quality calcium supplement since I don't consume much dairy at all.  I didn't know what to expect in taking Pearlcium but I'm pretty in tune with my body and was being cognizant of any changes.  Within a few days of taking 2 capsules in the morning and two 30 minutes before bed I noticed the sore on my hand that appeared to be basal cell carcinoma was beginning to heal!  I couldn't believe it because I had the sore for 2 weeks at least and it wasn't getting better and I was getting a little concerned.  Also, I noticed that I'm sleeping through the night more and my skin is definitely looking younger.  I'm going to increase my dosage at night to see if I can't get more consistent results sleeping through the night.  I believe Dr. Rulin has found a lifelong customer!  Thank you so much.

P. Lawrence

 Stone Lake, WI.

In May 2018 my Husband was diagonosed with Bone Cancer. The doctors gave him only 3 to 6 month. His calcium levels where on 4.9 wich is very low, due to the cancer. For the next step in the Cancer therapy our Doctor wanted to bring up his calcium level to at least 7.5 to start xgeva shots (chemo therapy). So she prescribed him a calcium pill. Within the next months his calcium level never got over 6.3, although he was taking up to 18 Capsules a day of the calcium supplement.    

As nothing could help to get his levels up, i was looking for an alternative solution. Someone recommended Pearlcium to me. After only 3 short weeks of taking 3 capsules of Pearlcium in the morning and in the evening, my husbands calcium levels went from 6.2 all the way up to 8.9! Even our doctor was blown away by the success! Dr. Rulin from Pharm East told me that his body was just not able to absorb the calcium supplement that was prescribed.
Now, with Pearlcium that was definitly not the case. His body absorbed it very well.

Today, 11 month after the diagnosis my husband is still alive and his calcium levels are stable at 8.8.
I have started to take Pearlcium also and we are very grateful for Pearlcium and to Dr. Rulin Xiu for bringing this wonderful product forward.

D. Hooper

Bowling Green, Kentucky



I am a Female over 65 years of age and am Petite in Stature.

I feel this fact should be known, as I am not a Youth whose healing would come quickly and easily.


For the past TWO YEARS I have been in pain  in my left groin and inner thigh , which greatly affected my Walking/Biking and Swimming.

In addition to the affects of Covid; this pain has worn down my positive attitude into depression.  Again, I feel the depression was equally damaging to my overall health as was the ongoing pain.  After many adjustments by a very competent Chiropractor and energy healing by a very gifted healer; I remained in pain. 

Two weeks ago I finally had an Ultrasound; which showed no obvious damage to any matter showing up in the procedure.


I was remembering issues of healing in the past and remembered how I had relied on Pearlcium when I had injured my right shoulder.

I was introduced to Pearlcium 20 years ago by a Massage Therapist.  I have used it for many reasons including Vision Challenges and recommended it to others.

I sat sobbing and frustrated and despite the CAN/US $ exchange rate; I ordered 6 bottles.


Within two days of taking 4 capsules a day, my first notable change was my feeling of optimism.   Surprisingly it was my emotional stability that was reacting before my physical pain. Within a few more days, I noticed that I was awakened only a few times during the night  due to my groin pain.

It has now been 2 weeks on Pearlcium.....(have often taken only 2 capsules) and I am on the mend both physically and emotionally.


It is difficult to relay the pain and frustration of the last two years; however it is a pleasure to share my healing process to date.


P.S.  I have ordered another brand of Pearl Calcium on Amazon.....don’t waste your money.

Ena Alexandra 

British Columbia, Canada.

I have MS and am a wheelchair user. I go for physical every Thursday and before taking Pearlcium I could only walk 10 paces and after my exercise I would have to rest in the afternoon as I was exhausted.

Now after a few weeks on Pearlcium I come home in the afternoon not feeling tired and I can stay up till 12pm watching TV. I can now walk 20 to 30 yards at a time and do 3.5 km per day on my exercise bike.

I have worn glasses for 30 years and can now watch TV without them. I also sleep deeper and sounder and feel more refreshed on rising. All my friends are astonished at the improvement in me.

Paul S.

Dublin, Ireland

Skin Tags & More Muscles

In just one week taking the Pearlcium  internally and topically, my skin tags have diminished to almost half their original size.

My energy levels have gone up and I've noticed more strength when a heavy steel garage door fell and I had to hold it for 30 minutes until help could arrive. I feel like Super Woman now!!

Pamela G.


Pearlcium has made my skin look like that of a younger woman. I am 72, and my wrinkles are disappearing. I am not kidding. Both the texture and skin turgor is refining all the time.  I have been taking this amazing product Pearlcium for a full year now. I love it. 

Thank you

Kathleen.  O. N, RN, PhD

California, USA

The gray in my hair is turning to blonde.

From my father's side of the family, I inherited a spinal curvature. Recently, I noticed that my back is actually straighter now!

The heart palpitations I've experienced since entering pre-menopause (approximately 10 yrs. ago) is no longer an issue, and my heart rate has gone from an average of 100 down to 60.

I'm very thankful for my friend introducing me to Pearlcium.

Bonnie T.

Arizona, USA

Twenty years ago I had two heart attacks in succession. I was in pretty bad shape and getting worse day by day. My cholesterol was high and I was tipping the scales at over 300 pounds.

In October, my wife was contacted by Sue M. who told her about a product called Pearlcium. In January 2009, I had a follow-up appointment with a heart specialist. The doctor looked over all my tests and records from the heart monitors I was wearing and pronounced “You do not show any signs of heart arrhythmia or congestive heart failure”. 

This is an amazing product which Dr. Rulin Xiu has created and I am so thankful that I have been the recipient of this great discovery.

Bill E.

California, USA

I noticed an over-night difference in the deep smile lines around my eyes and my endurance during workouts has improved noticeably. 

I am very excited to share this with clients that I train at the gym.

This is a phenomenal product to help us all regain our youthful appearance and energy.

Snype M.

Arizona, USA

I have never seen a product that was able to remove stain from teeth until now. Pearlcium is one of the best home care products I have found in my 20 years as a dentist for patients to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

 I've done a study showing the positive effects of minerals on gum inflammation when applied locally, so I was really pleased when Pearlcium came along. Finally, I can recommend to my patients a mineral product that is both easy to apply and of high quality. 

Thanks again, Pearlcium.

Carey O'R, D.D.S.

California, USA

I am only 19 years old, and I workout 5 days a week rather intensely. As a result, I used to be very sore all over my body, every day. After taking Pearlcium, my muscle soreness has drastically reduced, and I am experiencing noticeable muscle growth from the Pearl Nutrient as well.  As with most teenagers, acne has been an issue of mine, I have had above mild acne, and have been using the Pearlcium on my face as a paste at night, and just brushing the powder on in the morning, and the results I have seen have been terrific. Pearl Nutrient hasn't dried my face at all, and has alsohelped with acne scarring.

Kenneth B.

Florida, USA

Several years ago I used an acidic product that destroyed some of my enamel between the teeth. I was told that hundreds of people had the same problem. Just since I have used Pearlcium I notice now that my teeth enamel is building up close to my gum line. I am so grateful.


Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I went for a facial yesterday morning. The woman who regularly does my facials asked me if I was using a new product. She noticed that the little red capillaries that had always been there had totally vanished.

I have also experienced that some little bumps that have appeared on my back for years have also vanished.

I can only assume that both of these events are benefits of using Pearlcium. I have been taking Pearlcium orally and in my face cream now for about five weeks. 

Ida E.

Arizona, USA

Greetings from East Texas, I wanted to let you know I had a bone density test and it came back -3. I do not look or feel like some tottery little old lady, but no doubt something was amiss in spite of the fact I take a lot of vitamins and minerals.  I started on Pearlcium and two months later went to  have a screening where they check your bone density.  My doctor said this is remarkable. I was -1, I have been on Pearlcium for three months and I am thankful for my improvement. I love Swiss cheese but I do not want my bones to look like it. Thanks!

TiShia M.

Texas, USA

The most amazing results came from what this is doing to the lines in my 74 year old face. After applying the powder from the capsules topically with skin cream, I am constantly getting compliments about my skin that is noticeably smoother and more radiant. . . .

Eva B.

Arizona, USA

I’ve been taking Pearlcium for a few weeks now and the quality of sustained calmness and connection is overtly tangible.  I believe it to be one of the most important tools for quantum leaps in personal evolution.  It also boggles the mind to consider all of the other health benefits associated with the remarkable signal protein in Pearl Calcium.

Devin M.

Big Island Hawaii, USA

My stamina during the day and half of the night is unbelievable.

Judy D.

Iowa, USA

I can't believe the improvement in my eyesight. I saw the difference but didn't believe it. The proof was this morning when I tried to look at the thermostat to increase the temperature higher than the room temperature.

I always needed my reading glasses to read the numbers. This morning I could read them without my reading glasses!

 I have been on the Pearlcium for about 1.5 weeks! This is amazing!


Conneticut, USA

By the third day, I was more calm, less scattered and able to focus. On the fifth day I was released from an emotional bondage that I have been experiencing for over a month. My sleep has improved significantly with vivid dreams that I haven't had in years.

Brooke G.

California, USA

I was feeling highly stressed from a hectic schedule and limited sleep. After taking Pearlcium, I felt a significant shift into a state of well being and calm. Thank you for making this amazing product available.

Robin H.

Pahoa, Hawaii, USA

I had been suffering SEVERE depression. I was even suicidal. That is a hard word for me to say and write even now. It's hard to admit that I was thinking those thoughts. The only thing keeping me from following through was my children. I knew that for the rest of their life they would wonder why there mom didn't love them enough to stay around. I couldn't let that happen.  I started taking Pearlcium because I also suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Lots of pain & inability to function. That's what I thought it would be helping the most. I had no clue it would help my depression. I was and am still on antidepressants, but they weren't enough. Well, I had been on Pearlcium about 6 weeks. It was a Saturday night. I was in the shower around 11 pm. I remember I was trying to hurry because I did not want to miss Saturday Night Live (LOL).  I suddenly realized IWAS SINGING IN THE SHOWER!!!!  I said I   WAS SINGING IN THE SHOWER. I had not done that in YEARS. I have not had any suicidal thoughts in a long time. I don't know exactly how or why this pearl is working on that. And frankly, I don't care. I just know it is. I do not know who that person is that was living in this body about 6 months ago. But I am glad she is gone. I told my dad that if something ever happened to you, Dr. Rulin, that I would move to Japan & live on my own oyster farm. and do what ever it took, including spend my days shucking oysters, to continue putting pearl in my body. I cannot thank you enough for this product.

Thanks a million

Sara S.

North Carolina, USA

How to slow down and even reverse your aging process

The thing is – most of us after the age of 50 or even after the age of 40 begin to notice visible signs of aging and panic.

For me, after I reach my forties, I start to think about developing supplement to SLOW DOWN AND EVEN REVERSE YOUR AGING PROCESS.

I’ve interacted with many people, and they’ve shared with me their inner feelings as to what’s keeping them from seeking a long-term anti-aging longevity program. Here’s some of what they’ve shared with me:

  • They’ve tried all kinds of supplements with no visible or real benefits and effects.
  • In fact, some of the supplements and anti-aging solutions they’ve used in the past even proved to be harmful and they noticed the consequences of this, 10-15 years later. Examples include a hormone replacement therapy gone wrong, certain weight loss supplements having harmful effects on their health and so much more.
  • Because of all this, they believe that effective anti-aging and longevity solutions don’t exist.

If this describes you, it’s imperative that you read on. What you’ll learn is something so valuable, you won’t find it anywhere else.

Five Principles To Anti-Aging Youth and Beauty 

I know by now you can’t wait to know how pearl has such magic abilities to help you live long and healthy. Before I address your burning question, let me review the five major factors that cause aging:

Reason #1

Every moment, thousands of cells in our body die. However, thanks to the amazing cellular reproduction process, our body stays intact and keeps developing – no matter how old you are. However, after the age of 40, the cellular reproduction process slows down. Many of the cells in our body are not replenished and thus the body starts to degenerate.

That is why after 40 years old, you start to see more wrinkles, your bone starts to become more porous and you become more easily to get a fracture, your teeth starts to fall, your heart function weakens, your arteries begin to harden, your eye sight begins to dim, your liver, your kidney, and your brain function all starts to decline, and even begins to fail you.

Reason #2

Your body will age faster when it lacks of necessary nutrients in the right proportion and structure that are compatible to and usable by our body.

Reason #3

Oxidation and inflammation are two of the leading causes for aging, diseases and death. Our body’s ability to fight against oxidation and inflammation declines with age.

Reason #4

External factors, such as stress, radiation, heat, air, bacteria, …can cause aging, diseases and death.

Reason #5

Mental and spiritual reasons.

Do you love and treasure yourself? Do you have peace in your life? Do you live the life you always want or just get by? Are you positive or are you complaining all the time? If you can’t love and care about yourself on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, you can’t achieve the health, beauty and youth.

French Scientists Discover Pearl 

Stimulates Stem Cell Reproduction

Your body’s ability to regenerate cells, especially those skin and bone cells, decline after you reach 40 years old. As it turns out, pearl can stimulate stem cell regeneration and help your body to replenish, restore and rejuvenate our skin, bone, muscle, brain, tendon, cartilage, and much more.

Since 1990, Lopez E. and his colleagues at Laboratoire de Physiologie Générale et Comparée, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle had been conducting a series of research to study the effects of pearl on humans as well as animals.

They found that by placing pearl next to the bone, skin and various other connective tissues, pearl stimulates bone stem cells and connective tissue stem cell to regenerate. This in turn leads to new bone, new skin and new connective tissue growth.

Bone stem cells are also known as bone building cells or osteoblasts which build new bones and help make the existing bones stronger. Connective tissue stem cells are also known as fibroblasts or connective tissue builder cell which makes extra cellular matrix and collagen. Fibroblasts help keep our skin smooth and soft, while strong and still flexible. They support literally everything from our eyelids to heart valves.

The French research demonstrates that pearls can help replenish the cellular loss due to the effects of aging and they help restore and regenerate skin, bone, muscle, heart, eye, tendon, cartilage....

So Where Does The Magic Of The Pearl Come From?

If digesting pearl powder internally can indeed help prolong people and animals’ life span, what is the anti-aging substance in the pearl?

Over many years, scientists have been discovering more and more unique proteins in the pearl, some of them have never been found anywhere else on earth.

These scientists have found that many of these proteins actually play an important role in the creation of pearl: they regulate calcium uptake, transportation and secretion in the process of pearl formation.

Research seems to support that some of these proteins in pearl act like signal proteins in the human body. Signal proteins are important messengers that send out biological signals to our cells, tissues and organs.

It seems that pearl signal proteins can send out message to our body to regenerate our bones, skins, collagen and other connective tissues, as well as enhance skin tissue repair and increase existing bone density.

The pearl signal protein may well be the anti-aging substance we have long been searching for.

But how can pearl signal protein play such an important role in our body? As it turns out, there is a profound reason behind it!

Pearl is connected to Humans at the DNA level

Scientists find that we are connected to pearls at the DNA level.

As it turns out, the creation of pearls are controlled by a matrix of proteins called signal proteins. Scientists from the US, France, China and Japan have confirmed that the part of the DNA for reproducing a complete full-length of some of the pearl signal proteins is very much similar to our own human calcium binding proteins.

What this means is that the way pearl is created is very similar to our own calcium metabolism – even up to the DNA level. Who would have thought this – that humans would share a deep-rooted kinship and connection right down to the DNA level with a precious gem like the pearl? 

This could also be one of the reasons that pearl is so nourishing, compatible and healing to our body.

Pearl signal proteins appear to play a crucial role in pearl’s legendary benefits for promoting youthful beauty, health, and longevity.

Is this the ultimate anti-aging substance we have been looking for since the birth of civilization?

 In the least, the discovery of pearl signal proteins provides evidence that the ultimate anti-aging substance may indeed exist. Stay tuned, as the ongoing research can shed more light on this.

Is Pearl Signal Protein the Ultimate Anti-Aging Substance?

Research indicates that pearl signal proteins may be the substance that stimulates the regeneration of bones, skin, and other connective tissues. Are pearl signal proteins the ultimate anti-aging substance we are looking for?

Very likely, considering its amazing ability to help our body to regenerate.

However, we must also remember, it takes all the other nutrients inside the pearl for pearl signal proteins to function. 

We should not make the same mistake as the pharmaceutical companies do, trying to extract pearl signal proteins from the pearl. We need to respect and maintain the wholeness of pearl when we take pearl as a nutrient for beauty, health and longevity.

Youth and Beauty Through Nutrients Compatible With Human Body at DNA and Cellular Level

When it comes to nutrition, it is vital that you know two things.

Warning #1 Unbalanced nutrients can cause harm to your body

It is essential to realize that although the supply of the vital nutrients is important, it is even more crucial to have the right quantity and proportion of each nutrient. As you should know, the nutrients have to be in the right amount and proportion to be beneficial to your body. If there is too much or too little of any one of the nutrients, especially the essential trace minerals, it can cause harm and damage to your body. We have seen this happen in many health issues and diseases caused by having not enough or too much of certain nutrients. Many drugs and supplements do not work or even cause damage to our body because they provide unbalanced nutrients. Unfortunately, the knowledge about the ideal proportion of these nutrients is still unknown and waits to be revealed by more research studies.

Warning #2. Nutrients need to be in the structure compatible to our body at the DNA and

cellular level to be beneficial to our body

If nutrients are in the form not compatible to our body at DNA and cellular level, they can’t be utilized by our cells and may even cause damage to our body. For example, the most calcium supplements on the market are not compatible to your body at cellular or DNA level. They can hardly be absorbed by our body. Research indicates that on the average, only about 20% are absorbed by our body. Even if they are absorbed, they are not very beneficial to you and can even cause harm. For example, most calcium supplement can only slow down the decay of your bones, they can’t improve your bone quality. Now more and more research is showing that some of them are causing serious damage to heart, kidney and liver, etc.

However, you don’t need to despair. Nature has already prepared the best for your body, health and longevity. That is PEARL. The perfect food for your body.

Pearls Provide All The Nutrients You Need In The Form Compatible To Your Body At The DNA And Cellular Level

Pearl provides you calcium, proteins, amino acids, polysaccharides, and about 26 essential trace minerals. It is interesting to know that these same constituents are also crucial components of human fluids, connective tissues, and bones. 

They participate in building the structure of your very cells; repairing your tissues; forming antibodies to protect you against invading bacteria, viruses, and developing cancer cells; and helping slow down the aging process.

These constituents also play an essential role in the function of your heart, brain and nerve system — from turning on and regulating heart beat, aiding memory and sleep, to allaying anxiety and depression. These nutrients are vital for:

  • Releasing certain hormones which are crucial for anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-aging and hormonal balance
  • Decreasing oxidative stress
  • Promoting anti-aging activities
  • Building strong bones
  • Keeping youthful skin
  • Healthy brain function and mental acuity
  • Maintaining muscle strength and muscle mass
  • Healthy joint
  • Healthy vital organs, such as heart, liver, kidney, stomach, bladder, bowel functions…
Because the creation of pearl is similar to our calcium metabolism at the DNA level, the proportion of all the nutrients provided by the pearls are most likely to be close to what your body needs and thus the most beneficial to your health and longevity.

All the pearl nutrients are in the crystalline structure. The crystalline structure gives pearl its iridescent glow.

Since our own cellular structure is also crystalline, pearl nutrients are more compatible and usable to our body. This explains why pearl nutrients are so absorbable and beneficial to our body.

Beauty and Anti-aging through Enhancing Body’s Ability to Fight Against Oxidation, Inflammation, Radiation and other Aging Factors

Research studies have demonstrated that pearl can enhance your body’s ability to fight against oxidation, inflammation, radiation and other aging factors. Pearl does this through four ways.

#1 Pearl signal proteins can help with reducing inflammations, oxidation and other aging factors.

Pearl signal proteins participate in nervous system signaling, hormonal signaling, biological activities in various tissues including bone, cartilage, blood vessels, heart, kidney, neurons, liver and lung, and transmitting  everything from life saving urgencies to our moment to moment metabolic messages for our maintenance needs.

#2 All the pearl nutrients also participate in your body’s nerve system signaling, hormonal signaling, chemical electricity transmission and various anti-aging activities.

#3 Pearl powder is shown to be a potent super-antioxidant. It increases your body’s production of super-oxidant enzyme, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), to fight against oxidation process in your body.

#4 Pearl nutrients’ crystalline structure can help enhance your cellular communication.

Cellular communication is also extremely important for the normal function body, your health and well-being.

Do you know your body contains trillions of cells? Have you ever wondered how your body cells work together so that your body can function smoothly? 

That is through cellular communication.

Cellular communication is vital not only for normal body functions, but also for your body’s ability for tissue repair, anti-inflammation response, anti-mutation, anti-aging abilities.

You probably know that some of the prevalent diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, auto-immune diseases and Alzheimer are caused largely due to insufficient or wrong cellular communication.

By enhancing cellular communication, pearl can help improve your body functions and enhance your body’s ability for tissue repair, anti-inflammation response, anti-oxidation, anti-mutation, anti-radiation, anti-aging abilities and prevent you from various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, Alzheimer etc.

Youth and Beauty Through Reducing Oxidation And Inflammation

Oxidation stress and inflammation are two of the leading causes for aging, diseases and death. Research studies indicate that pearl can help reduce the oxidation stress in your body by decreasing lipid peroxidation (LPO). 

It can also help lower inflammation inside your body.

Youth and Beauty Through Mental Well-being and Spiritual Celebration

Mental and spiritual well-being is essential for not only the success of your career and relationship, but also your physical health, youth and beauty.

One of the leading factors that affect your mental and spiritual well-being is stress. Stress does not just affect your well-being and quality of life. It is also becoming one of the leading contributor to aging and illness.

Stress accelerates the aging process, making your skin, heart, and artery age faster than its normal pace. Many illnesses are associated with stress, such as insomnia, high blood pressure, heart diseases, liver diseases, obesity, the list goes on and on.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pearl has been used for thousands of years for calming the nervous system, pacifying the spirit, and promoting peaceful energy.

This traditional wisdom has now been verified by scientific research as well.

Jianxin Pan and his colleagues at Suzhou Medical School studied the effects of pearl on the rabbit’s nervous system. They found that pearl could relieve pain and promote a calming effect on their nervous system. 

The researchers discovered also that after injecting the rabbits with a pearl solution, their brain production of 5-HT, 5-HIAA, and NA increased. These are positive “elevated mood” neurotransmitters, and this research indicates that pearl can reduce the level of stress, and promote a more peaceful, positive internal biochemistry.

Pearlcium is not a looking-young-overnight product

It is true that Pearlcium will not make you look like 21 year old over night. It is not a quick scheme for looking young, although some people have received miraculous result quickly. It is also not something you take it for a few days and forget about it.

Even though you will notice some improvement after only taking it for a short time, to receive the best result, you should take it continuously just like you eat food everyday. In fact, it is a food which gives you the nutrients you need for your body functions and enhance your body’s ability to stay young and strong.

Pearlcium is:

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Ingredients: 100% Pearl with signal protein, Other Ingrediants: None

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