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We are excited and grateful that you want to share Pharm East innovative products and classes with your friends, family and networks.

This page will give you everything you need to understand the Affiliate Partner program and use the promotional materials we’ve put together for you.

To access your unique affiliate links and to view your commission earnings, click Affiliate Account Page in the drop-down menu below Membership in the main navigation menu. (If you are not logged in, it will ask you to do so. It is the same login you used for your purchase.)

If you have any questions, please email us for more help. 

How the Affiliate Partner Program Works

Here you’ll find all the details for how the Affiliate Partner program works – what earns commissions, when they’re paid, how they’re calculated, and more. We’ve also put together a series of quick videos to help you navigate the Affiliate Partner Center, access your unique links, and use our images and promotional materials to share Life Harmonized with your friends, family, and networks.

Which Products are Included in the Affiliate Partner Program?

What Do I Receive as an Affiliate Partner?

How Often Are Commissions Paid?

Why Is My Affiliate Partner Link Very Important?

Video Tutorials For Affiliate Partners

Learn to navigate the system and where to find your links to earn commission as an Affiliate Partner.

Resources for Affiliate Partners

You’ll find your unique links at your Affiliate Account Page. To access them, Click Here and then “Marketing” in the navigation menu and select "Affiliate Links".

After that please go to "Profile" and click "Payment Settings" and add your paypal email adress so you can get payed by us.

We highly recommend when sharing Divine Love programs with your family, friends and networks that you let them know how they have benefited you, in your own words, as that is always the most effective way to communicate with the people in your life.

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