President Rulin Xiu
At only 6 years old, Pharm East founder Dr. Rulin Xiu was collecting herbs famous for their healing powers in her hometown Qinling mountain range and selling them to local pharmacies in China. It was an early sign of her passion for nature and what would become her guiding conviction: that nature has already prepared all the perfect cures for our worldly ailments and illnesses.

Dr. Xiu went on to study science as an adult. After receiving her doctorate from the University of California , Berkeley in 1994, she was well-prepared to pursue her lifelong dream of finding and developing natural remedies with proven healing properties.

Her search first led her back to her Asian homeland, where she began to discover new applications for many traditional and ethnic herbs. More importantly, she came to realize that the efficacy and safety of these herbs was based on factors that few companies paid attention to, such as where they grew, when they were harvested, how they were harvested, and how they were processed and packaged.

Dr Xiu developed a number of herbal formulas to help with common health concerns. While she respects traditional wisdom, Dr. Xiu strongly emphasizes scientific studies to test herbs' healing effects, which is why her remedies are rooted in tradition, but backed by scientific validation.

In order to assure that her formulas were manufactured to her exact potency, quality and safety specifications, she set up two factories – one in China and one in Hawaii – to produce her unique health supplements.

Dr. Xiu is committed to combining traditional medicines with science to form the most effective natural remedies – helping people live richer, happier, healthier lives. She also hopes to help local farmers and communities preserve their indigenous culture and environment through her work.