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The Oscars Go "Green" - February 2007
Sleep the Pounds Away AM/PM
from The Christie Chronicles, a publication of Christie Communications

The terrific response received at Sundance gained momentum for a repeat of the Ultimate Green Room at the Oscars in February. The pre-Oscars event was jump started with a cocktail party and continued with a two day eco-lounge held at the RC Green Gallery, an Hollywood based environmentally friendly furniture shop, and lit entirely by Full Spectrum Solutions Blue Max lights. Celebrities and media guests were introduced to a host of our clients including Fruzzo and Steaz, chilled in an energy efficient refrigerator, Mr. Krispers, a favorite snack at the event, and Kohinoor as well as supplements like HealthAid’s Sibergin, Plus, Proactive Bio-Products and Pharm East’s supplements. Cherie Calbom was invited to speak about the revolutionary method in her book, "Sleep Away The Pounds." Guest walked away with bags of eco-goods and a whole new perspective on the possibility of natural and sustainable living. Hopefully they’ll spread the word.