About Pharm East, Inc.
Based on the Big Island of Hawaii, Pharm East Inc. is a leading developer and producer of unique nutritional technologies for the dietary supplement industry worldwide. Since 1996, Pharm East Inc. has been developing and manufacturing patented, proprietary formulations. To ensure the highest efficacy, all of the ingredients and formulas used in Pharm East's products are produced at its own manufacturing facilities located in China and Hawaii. Pharm East puts strong emphasis on quality control at every stage of processing, from raw ingredient selection to harvesting to processing. In addition, Pharm East supports clinical research to substantiate its products' health advantage.

The Pharm East Difference

  1. All natural ingredients
    Nature has provided everything we need to heal us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Natural ingredients can interact with our human body at cellular, molecular and even DNA level based upon a sophisticated system developed over millions of years of bio-chemical evolution process that are the most compatible and healing to our body.

    At Pharm East, we search all over the world and through out the history for the most effective natural ingredients to heal us with minimal, no, or just good side effects.
  2. Treat Body as Whole
    Our body is whole. In fact, nature, our body, mind and spirit are all one. At Pharm East, when we develop a remedy, we treat the body as whole, a whole energy and functional system. We find that dissecting the body or an illness into isolated parts or symptoms only leads to temporary relief rather than lasting healing.
  3. Address the Root Cause of Disease
    At Pharm East, we look at the root cause of illness in the “whole” body system of ours. Until that is done, until we know what's really making us sick, permanent healing will always elude us, and we'll just find ourselves wrestling with the various symptoms of that root cause.

    Generally speaking, there are four components of this root cause. These include: body toxicity, unbalanced energy systems, overworked organs and inefficient body functions. Bionology is the search for specific natural ingredients to address these four components of disease, giving the body what it needs to restore its natural healthy state.
  4. Use Scientific Studies as Guidance and Substantiation
    At Pharm East, we strive to test the efficacy of our remedies by scientific method, such as double blind, placebo controlled human clinical studies and the scientific pharmacology studies.
  5. Keeping Natural Ingredients Natural
    At Pharm East, we believe it is important to respect the character of each individual herb. First, we select the precise locations where the herbs with the most healing effects grow. Then, we work with local farmers and collectors to grow and collect the herbs in a way that maximizes their potency.

    We think that the trend in the herb industry toward standardization is a dangerous one. Herbs are powerful substances and standardizing them could increase the likelihood of side effects. To maximize the healing effects and minimize the side effects of each individual herb, Pharm East utilizes a proprietary, full-spectrum extraction processing technique and a specialized formulation for each product.

    All the ingredients in HiQi Health products are produced in Pharm East's own factories, which have strict quality control standards in place to ensure safety and efficacy. The active components of each herb are tested by full-spectrum high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis before and after processing. We also test our raw materials and finished products to ensure they are free of heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.